The Drive Trains, mostly stock, Former front Wheel Drive Units, Should be Small Turbo's - including the Stock Transmission (No Diff - Must Be Stock) also Use the OEM Lower A Arms, they can be modified. The lighter the better, 150 lbs of drive train weight will make a big difference.

 We will list information of Drive Trains here when we can.

The VW Passat is Longitidunial, 1.8 Turbo May be a good Set Up.

Chevy Sonic has a 1.4 Turbo available.

Dodge Dart has a 1.4 Turbo available.

Fiat Abarth is a 1.4 Turbo.

You can run a 1000cc Stock Bike Motor, that might be good for Sprint Races.

This is the 37" wide Chassis, Miata Suspension Front & Rear. The one Upper Left is for a Bike Motor / Chain Drive.

I can only supply this Chassis and Aluminum Crush Structure ( Front Nose Cone & Sides ).

The Car will run in NASA and the NASA Endurance Races.

Above Right is the Tacked Only Chassis Ready to Bolt the OEM Miata Front Suspension and Rack. The Fuel Cell mounts behind the Seat in a Bulk Head in the Truss that's at the Main Hoop to The Floor.  As shown it will be 3200.  This and the Aluminum Crush Structure is as much as I can Supply at this time.

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